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EMEx provides communication services through comprehensive investment reports about emerging markets. Contact us to find out how our services can help you.

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Our mission

At EMEx we believe knowledge is everything. We provide communication support for emerging markets through our investment reports.

Our reports are comprehensive and easy-to-access. In each of our reports we use an one-fit-for-everything model. We cover all the basics investors need to know before investing in your market. At our website [under construction] you can find several examples.

By our reports we want to promote the emerging markets we cover and connect them to the rest of the world. Next to our general reports we also produce tailor-made reports. 

We also offer sponsorship, advisory, communication, and network opportunities. 



Tjeerd Ritmeester is the founder of EMEx. He started out as an editorial manager producing investment reports about various emerging markets around the world. In 2019, he returned to the Netherlands and kept working as a freelancer. In 2020, he joined the prominent Clingendael Institute as a fellow and trainer where he taught diplomats and other officials on topics and skills related to economic diplomacy.

Through his work abroad and in the Netherlands, Tjeerd came across various countries in need for coverage on their emerging sectors, regions and markets. By founding EMEx he wants to help those emerging markets by providing comprehensive and easy-to-access information.


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