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EMEx is a company based in the Netherlands. The founders are Dutch and have extensive working experience in emerging regions of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. They have worked for both private and public organizations, including the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union. Now they want to use their knowledge and expertise to improve (trade) relations between emerging countries and Europe.

Tjeerd Ritmeester: "Everyone who has been in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America knows the endless opportunities out there but also the risks involved. Civil servants from these countries, such as diplomats, are in an excellent position to help their markets by taking away concerns among foreign investors and promoting their companies in Europe. We believe that through our trainings we strengthen the skills of civil servants and enterpreneurs from emerging markets in order to capitalize upon trade and investment opportunities from and with Europe."

Our vision is that by providing civil servants and enterpreneurs with the necessary tools the European and African markets will increasingly integrade

Our team ⇓

Our team

Tjeerd S. Ritmeester


Tjeerd is specialized in international and (geo)political analyses. He holds a MA in American Studies from the University Utrecht and a MsC in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked in the European Parliament, for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for the British advisory firm Oxford Business Group. Tjeerd has extensive work experience in Africa and also worked as an Academy Fellow at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations in The Hague. He focuses on international trade, sustainable investment, economic diplomacy and economic security;

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Amit Jain


Amit helps clients navigate new markets with a particular focus on Africa. He puts strategy to action. Amit has over 20 years of experience in the most challenging countries around the world. He has made it his expertise to uncover opportunities in frontier markets and fragile states. Amit also has extensive journalistic experience and a wide network in Africa. There is no market Amit would not go to.

Erwin Adistiana


Erwin is specialized in marketing and business development strategies. He studied economics in Jakarta and is currently responsible for our services in Indonesia. Erwin has an extensive South East Asia network and puts his knowledge into action for EMEx.

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