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Our experts produced a full analysis on the impact of China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative on South East Asia economies for a media outlet. The output was in the form of a small document lining out the 5-year impact on a country by country base. Our experts used both desktop and field research. The latter was done by our-in country experts with access to local sources providing valuable data on debts, revenues, projects, and terms of doing business.


Our experts produced a report on the most competitive Egyptian sectors to invest for a market intelligence company. The output was in the form of an over 200-pages investment guide. Besides data, this report provided also overviews and specific analyses on the country’s most important sectors. Research was done on-the-ground by interviewing public and private sector leaders a year long.

Gulf States

Our experts produced an impact report on how improving Israel-Arab relations would influence market dynamics in the Gulf states. We were contacted by a study center as a result of our expertise on Middle East politics and in-country access. The output was in the form of a research paper carefully lining out the most likely opportunities this rapprochement would create for specific sectors, companies and organizations. We also gave a 5-year analysis how we expect the relationships would develop further.


Our experts produced marketing recommendations for an Indonesian company launching a new fintech product. The output was in the form of a complete analysis on the Indonesian fintech market, consumer trends, target groups, marketing/promotional trends and best-case examples by both desktop and field research. The latter was done by contacting our fintech experts and conducting in-country interviews and data collecting. Based on those findings we provided the company with marketing recommendations for launching its new fintech product to make its target.


Our experts produced a first-hand report on the consumer and competition landscape of ceramic tiles and plastic pipes in Pakistan for a multi-national client. The output was in the form of a slide-deck that recommended viable options to enter the market. The 'how-to' guide included business intelligence that is not available in the public domain.

Papua New Guinea

Our experts produced a full due diligence report on a landowner group in Papua New Guinea. The client was interested investing in the Pacific country because of the significant LNG projects. Its potential joint venture partner, a landowner group in the Highlands region, was analyzed by our experts and considered to be a risk. Information on the landowner company was not available publicly and was gathered on the ground by contacting in-country sources.

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