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EMEx helps organizations finding the information and data they need about emerging markets and frontier markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Why is our work important?

Making investment decisions in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the America's and Oceania can be challenging. EMEx helps clients answering the most important questions about investing abroad.

How does the market look like? Who will be my competitors? How accustomed is the market to this type of product? Is my partner reliable and what are the risks when investing in this country? Common questions that might be easy to find out in developed markets, but less so in emerging markets and frontier markets.

We help companies getting the research needed to invest in these challenging markets. Our researchers have years of working experienced in the most challenging markets around the world, and know where to get the information you can't get otherwise.

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For who is this important?

  1. Companies who want to invest abroad but are unfamiliar with opportunities, risks, and realities of investing abroad;
  2. Companies who already invest abroad but want to explore new opportunities in specific markets/sectors;
  3. Companies who want to get the information, analyses, and data noone else can;
  4. Companies who want to conduct specific risk advisory services as part of an investment project or their existing due diligence processes;
  5. Companies who want to map current and upcoming threats within their business activities and/or supply chains abroad;
  6. Companies interested in learning more about upcoming legislation on due diligence for supply chains and/or implementing frameworks such as the UNGP's;
  7. Organizations with an interest in international trade, economic diplomacy, and trade faciliation services;

What can you expect

Our team will work together with you to quickly deliver an in-depth and tailor-made research product. We will extensively discuss with you time, price, and content needed to present the best result possible.The researcher(s) assigned to your research can work from your office, if prefered. A part of the project of the project will be dedicated to work on site, again in close communication with you. Our experts are highly experienced with doing research in challenging markets making sure we will get you the information noone else can.

Investment Opportunities

We help our clients finding new business opportunities and making the best of investing internationally.

Market Research

We conduct tailor-made market research services. We identify your specific needs and find the right information, data, and partners. EMEx works with experts on the ground who know their way in the market you need information about.

Trade Promotion

We help organizations, companies, and governments with making the best trade promotion and country branding strategies. Our experts have extensive experience with both public and private sector players.


Sometimes you dont need a whole market or sector research but a simple answer to a question. In many markets information is easy to access, less so in emerging markets and frontier markets. Our on-the-ground experts can conduct any investigation of your liking. We source the data and information you need.

Trainings & Lectures

We help clients by training their staff on investing abroad, finding new investment opportunities, networking with public and private sector players, scenario building and stakeholder mapping. We also produce thematic lectures for corporate and non-corporate environments.

Emerging Market Experts

Risk Advisory Services

EMEx is specialized in risk advisory services in emerging markets and frontier markets. We identify political, economical, social, and cultural risks that could jeopardize your company's business activities.

Emerging markets are well known for their investment potential but also contain a certain level of risk. International legislation is regularly being updated to make sure companies are fully aware what the impact is of their business activities. There are serious judicial and financial consequences if it goes wrong.

We conduct investigations and analyses as part of our client's due diligence activities. We also help clients setting up due diligence procedures if required.

Risk Analyses & Investigations

EMEx' experts have extensive experience in conducting risk analyses and investigations in emerging markets. Our strong network of partners and contacts makes sure you get all the information you need.

This data and information can also be used for existing due diligence proces on business activities abroad and global supply chains.

We work with specific benchmarks.

Due Diligence Procedures

When setting up offices in a new market you also need to make sure the right due diligence procedures are put into place. In stead of a one-time investigation we help you with implementing the right frameworks and procedures.

We focus on political, economical, social and cultural risks.

Trainings & Workshops

Our trainings and workshops make sure your staff is able to correctly understand, interpret, and implement due diligence procedures in order to mitigate political, economical, social and cultural risks.

We also produce thematic lectures for corporate and non-corporate environments.

Emerging Market Experts

Trade Representation & Promotion

Our founders have worked in trade representation and country branding for years. They were amazed by the untapped investment potential and export opportunities they encountered.

Our vision is to help companies and organizations capitalize upon their potential by helping them to access emerging markets and frontier markets. We help them finding buyers, partners, and investors.

We maintain a portfolio of companies and projects. EMEx helps its clients in the following ways:

  • We analyze and improve your trade promotion strategy. We can coordinate your actions in the field as well setting up a structure that you can keep using in the future.

  • We help clients with organizing network events, conferences, trade missions and road shows.
  • We represent brands/companies. We serve as a point of contact for customers/buyers, help with organizing/attending events, and we provide market intelligence.
  • We help organizations to improve name recognition and key narratives in emerging markets and frontier markets.
  • Any other support that helps you establish your brand in the European Union. From export solutions to custom advise and logistics. Contact us.

Would you like to discuss a service?

You want to collaborate with us on one of our services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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