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EMEx helps clients tracking and reporting on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Why is our work important?

Today, impact reporting is just as important as financial reporting. Governments are demanding more from companies in having a positive impact on the world around them.

Regardless, ESG reporting is a complicated and timely task particularly when looking for reliable data.

EMEx uses technology that helps clients on ESG reporting and how to track their ESG performance. We make it easier and less time-consuming for your organization to fulfill your ESG commitments. Furthermore we also help clients with mapping risks and opportunities when doing business in new markets.

For who is this important?

  1. Companies who want to track their impact on the world around them;
  2. Companies on the European stock exchanges;
  3. Companies in vulnerable sectors that are often link to having a negative impact on the world around them
  4. Companies who want to conduct specific risk advisory services in new markets as part of an investment project or their existing due diligence processes;

What can you expect

A full personal approach in guiding you through our technology as well as regular catch-up moments in tracking your performance.

ESG Reporting

We help our clients with tracking their ESG performance and ESG reporting.


A proven tool internationally making it easier and less time-consuming for companies to track their ESG performace. Our technology has been integrated into the busines models of companies all over the world.

Personal Approach

We guide you through the technology and help you tracking your performance. You decide what is important while we help you interpret the data.


Tracing your ESG performance is important but also your strategy on how to communicate it to various stakeholders. We assist in developing communication strategies and products.

ESG Training

We help clients by understanding what is expected of them in terms of ESG reporting and standards. Legislation is changing fast and companies need to stay updated. With our trainings you know exactly what to expect when doing business in Europe.

Would you like to discuss a service?

You want to collaborate with us on one of our services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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